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A few Energy Truths

An investment in a WaterFurnace geothermal system provides an array of benefits not found with other systems. Below are a few geothermal energy facts:

*Lower Operating Cost
A geothermal system is more efficient because they can deliver an astounding four units of energy for every one unit of electrical energy used. That means an efficiency rating of 400%, compared to the most efficient gas furnace, which rates only 94%.

*Lower Life Cycle Cost
In new homes, most homeowners will experience an immediate positive return on their investment when the system cost is added to the mortgage. And with a long system life and less maintenence, overall life cycle costs are lower with geothermal.

*Safe, Clean, Quiet, Reliable and Flexible

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What is All the Hype About?

Geothermal heating and cooling systems, also known as GeoExchange systems, tap into the constant, moderate temperatures found a few feet below the surface of the earth, to offer the finest in home comfort conditioning. “Geothermal” means pertaining to the heat of the earth, and it’s literally right there in your own backyard.

The lot surrounding a suburban home or other building contains a vast reservoir of low-temperature thermal energy-typically 10 times the amount required over an entire heating season. This resource is constantly re-supplied by the sun and the surrounding earth.

Highly efficient geothermal systems use a small amount of energy to capture and move a large amount of free energy. In a typical home, 70% of the total energy bill comes from heating, cooling and hot water.

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Why Geothermal vs. Traditional?

*Making the smart decision to purchase a WaterFurnace geothermal system is an investment in energy savings, comfort and reliability; in summary, an investment in peace of mind.

*Many homeowners take comfort in knowing that a geothermal system can help them achieve significant energy savings compared to ordinary heating and cooling systems. In fact, many homeowners realize savings up to 60% in heating, cooling and hot water. And because a geothermal system doesn’t burn natural gas, propane or fuel oil, homeowners are impacted less by skyrocketing costs of fossil fuels.

*With a geothermal system, you can save money without sacrificing an ounce of comfort. Geothermal units are known for delivering a consistent, even flow of conditioned air throughout the home, eliminating

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